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We provide psychological evaluations for international adoptions. These consist of a series of interviews and a report to be prepared for the Intercountry Adoption Centre.  

The interviews (total 1.5 hours - 30 minutes each parent and one 30 mnt interview couple together) are held in either Ealing Pitshanger clinic or at Oxford Circus clinic.  Interviews will be digitally recorded to ensure accuracy when preparing the report.  You will be asked to sign consent forms to approve i) recording of the interviews and ii) the release of documentation between IAC and ourselves.

A draft of the evaluations will be provided within 12 days after the interviews for any general changes, corrections or comments you wish to make (this is all included in a £500 fee unless they are major significant changes to the draft which we will possibly need to discuss via telephone or in person). The fee is due 24 hours before the interviews.

Please note that psychological evaluations at this service only include the following psychometric tests: Brief COPE Inventory and Mini International Personality Item Pool.  Other psychometric tests are not administered at Orquidia Therapy. I may suggest psychometric testing (to be done by another professional) if I have any concerns after the interviews. This is very rare however.

I will furnish you with the evaluations (original copy for yourselves and email to IAC) and you will need to get this copy notarised yourselves to present to IAC and possibly the department of education. IAC will be able to provide more details on this process.

To book an interview, please call 020 8621 3244 

or email: [email protected] indicating Psychological Evaluations in the subject.