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Psychological Evaluations for Prospective Parents

The adoption process can be full of hurdles and uncertainty. Adoption stress is a term coined to define the complex series of emotions that are commonly felt by prospective adoptive parents as they undertake this journey.  For many parents, the uncertainty is not only related to not knowing when the child will be allocated to them, what type of child he/she will be, whether there will be physical or psychological concerns to address but many prospective adopters feel quite lost during the process, wondering who to turn to in order to fulfil the requirements to adopt a child.

For parents wishing to adopt, it is becoming increasingly common to undergo psychological evaluations.

The psychological evaluation for potential adoptive parents will be yet another hurdle that you will have to face. Unlike comprehensive psychological assessments, pre-adoption evaluations are not extensive in nature and mainly comprise of interviews with the parents together and independently. Psychometric testing is normally not necessary for pre-adoption evaluations. The interviews last approximately 30-40 minutes each and the psychologist will meet initially with the couple and then with each individual for at least 90 minutes.

The report must be completed by a UK registered psychologist and is normally four to ten pages in length (including the endorsement letter and reports for both parents). Oftentimes if other caregivers will be involved in the care of the adopted child, third party evaluations may also be required. The report should focus on the prospective adopters’ motivation for adoption, temperament, stress tolerance, frustration tolerance, emotional stability, decision making and future plans. The psychologist may also endorse the adoption agency’s approval of the prospective parents for adoption. Countries will have different regulations governing the adoption procedures that inter-country adoptive parents must undergo and psychological evaluations can be modelled to meet the specific criteria. The above represents the current requirements of Indian Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) for the adoption of children from India.

I have experience preparing psychological evaluations for CARA and providing guidance to prospective parents on this part of the adoption process.

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